Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary collab rolls out this month

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After the Spy x Family collab earlier this year, Street Fighter 6 is getting a Monster Hunter 20th anniversary crossover this April. This collab began its progressive rollout yesterday, and it will bring lots of in-game goodies for fans.

In this collab, players can get all sorts of items, not to mention that special events will also happen this month as part of the crossover.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, check out the collab’s content trailer here:

The highlight of the collab is the avatar equipment pieces that are part of the Premium Fighting Pass, including the ‘Rathalos Helm’, ‘Rathalos Mail, ‘Rathalos Coil, ‘Rathalos Greaves,’ and the ‘Felyne Head’. There are also other Monster Hunter-themed rewards in the Pass, including a camera frame, title, and emote.

Here’s a look at what you can get with the Premium Fighting Pass:

In addition, players can also get a variety of weapon-themed accessories at The Hub Goods Shop in the Battle Hub. These are available to purchase using Fighter Coin (FC) or Drive Ticket (DT). Plus, these accessories can be equipped with various weapons. DTs can be collected by completing challenges.

During the event period, the Wyvern Jawblade avatar equipment will also be up for grabs. Players can get this by watching tutorials in the Battle Hub during the event period.

Alongside these array of in-game items, there will also be a voting event in the Battle Hub on April 8 at 3 PM (GMT+8). The vote will ask players about their favorite weapon type in Monster Hunter, and players will get 2,000 DT by participating.


Finally, the game’s Battle Hub will be decorated with Monster Hunter-themed themes, complete with matching background music.

For more info on the game and the collab, visit the official Street Fighter 6 website.

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