Street Fighter 6 Akuma Guide And Tips

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Street Fighter 6 Akuma Guide And Tips
Samuel Brickell

Time to a for a Street Fighter 6 Akuma guide to kill one thousand dudes.

The new Capcom DLC character has finally arrived and it is the fan faveroute Akuma.

But what has changed how exactly does oen handle the raging demon?

Street Fighter 6 Akuma Guide

Firstly understand the role of Akuma in this game and every other Street Fighter. Akuma is a glass cannon based fighter. Meaning he does not have as much health as other characters. But on the flip side he can dish out a ton of damage.

Meaning Akuma althogh installed with easy to use specials is actually quite a difficult character to play. Sure you can dp and hadoken easy enough but just a few mistakes can lead to a round loss.

Unleash Akuma in Street Fighter 6

Walk the path of the Satsui no Hado today.

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) May 22, 2024

However we have plenty of moves and options to give us control of the stage. The first being gou hadoken a fireball that can be charged. Great for playing with the opponent, make sure to mix up with variant you use.

This can be used mid air as well givng us a lot of pressure openings and ways of keeping the enemy grounded. It can only be done while jumping forward but an overdrive from  neaurtral jump is possible.

But the new move adamant flame is a lot of fun. This simpe two punch button input is great for combo extensions. The punch strength sets how far forward he goes so make sure to keep that in mind.

Demon raid is the most out there move having him flip foward in the air. Depending on the input Akuma will sweep at the legs or punch while mid air or even nothing at all. Use this mixup tool to have the enemny second guessing. Just remember its not all vunerable and can be anti aired.

Ashura Senku

If I do not see you pulling this warp move out in a round I am going to be so mad. Not only is it cool as hell but its what gives Akuma his stage control. Although it wont dodge projectiles mind.

Street Fighter 6 Akuma Guide

Even with that you should be using it for presssure and defence. Also there is now a comand grab after using it. It does a fair bit of damage and keeps enemys on their toes.

His level 1 super is a simple EX fireball that does a bit of damage. Good for spacing and projectile puishes. His level 2 super is more interesting being a close range armoured hit. This can launch oppents close to the wall for follow ups. Great for mid combo and hit punishment.

Street Fighter 6 Akuma Guide

Slip of Calmity at level 3 is simillar but just does a ton of damage. However we have no follow up given the damage output.

Of course to top off we have Shun Goku Stasu. This level 3 ultra is available after going lower than 25 percent health. It warps you to the enemy for a grab doing a ton of damage. This time though it is only invunerable to projectiles so can be punched out of.

Street Fighter 6 Akuma Guide

Also the input although not the hardest can be easily read sometimes or even fumbled during the height of a match.

In short, learn how to control space with him first and then go in for precise and hard hits. Just remember he will be hard at first but as always practice makes perfect.

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