Spin Rhythm XD Twists Onto Playstation 4 and 5 While Adding VR Mode to PC

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There’s a huge difference between arcade and home music gaming, in that home needs to comply with either the controller or mouse/keyboard while the arcade controls can just go nuts. Tap the screen with rubber-tipped drumsticks, twist a giant ring around a circular monitor, have more buttons and dials than a 50s sci-fi control panel, or forgo the use of display almost entirely and have little screens on the buttons themselves. It’s the wild west in the musical arcade, and it will not be constrained by anything as pedestrian as a unified control scheme. Spin Rhythm XD was created for home use first and foremost but has always felt like an arcade refugee, with a control system that adapts perfectly to a standard gamepad despite being completely at home on (and fully compatible with) a midi controller.

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