Sony is Reportedly Working on Native PS3 Backwards Compatibility for PS5

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A reliable insider calims that Sony is reportedly working on a native PS3 backwards compatibility feature for PS5.

Sony is Reportedly Working on Native PS3 Backwards Compatibility for PS5

Sony, known for its PlayStation gaming consoles, is reportedly working on a way to let PlayStation 3 (PS3) games play directly on PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles.

Right now, PS3 games can only be played on newer consoles through PS Plus Premium’s streaming service, which isn’t available in many places because of limited technology. And gamers have been asking for the “Native PS3 Backwards Compatibility” for a long time, and if it happens, it could change gaming by letting people play their favorite PS3 games on the newest consoles.

Sony is Reportedly Working on Native PS3 Backwards Compatibility for PS5

The rumor was shared by from Nick “Spheshal_Nick” Baker, who has a hit-or-miss track record with leaks, during the live The XboxEra Podcast Episode 217 on YouTube. According to him, Sony might let you play some PS3 games directly on the PS5 (and maybe the PS4), without needing to stream them.

He said, “I didn’t get any more details than that. Will it have an FPS boost? I’ve got no idea…All I heard was that Sony’s working on selective PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility.”

If true, this means the PS Plus Deluxe plan (for regions without streaming) could include PS3 games.

Getting full PS3 backwards compatibility is still just a dream, mostly because the PS3 is tricky to work with. But since Sony has started bringing PS2 games to modern consoles, there’s hope that some PS3 games might follow.

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Also, the word “select” here suggests Sony will choose specific PS3 titles to make playable on the PS5, similar to Microsoft’s approach with backwards compatibility on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. During a podcast, when a viewer asked if these PS3 games might have better frame rates and resolutions on the PS5, Shpeshal_Nick wasn’t sure about those details.

As of now, the PS5 has received lots of criticism for its limited ability to play older games, unlike its strong features for current games. Most games from previous PlayStation consoles, except for PS4 games, cannot be played on the PS5. Sony occasionally adds older PlayStation games to the PS Plus Premium Classics Catalog, but overall, the PS5’s backward compatibility is disappointing.

Most PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, and PS Vita games cannot be played on the PS5. These classic games are only available as digital downloads, so if you have the original physical discs, they won’t work on the PS5. For PS3 games specifically, players must stay connected to the internet to play them on the PS5, as they can only be streamed via cloud.

Hence, if PS5 actually starts supporting PS3 games without needing to stream them online, it could be a treat to the fans. Although we still won’t be able to play PS2 discs on the PS5, being able to enjoy PS3 games would be exciting for many. However, this is not confirmed yet, so we’ll need to wait for an official announcement from Sony.

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