Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list: What are the best weapons?

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Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list: What are the best weapons?
Diana D'Estefano

In Solo Leveling Arise, you will have the opportunity to choose different weapons to use as Sung Jinwoo. However, as usual, there are some of them that can be considered better than others. This happens because each weapon has different characteristics.

In this article, therefore, we will provide you with a Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list, in order to have a general overview of the best weapons in the game. Obviously, as in the case of characters, there may also be differences between one list and another when it comes to weapons.

Much depends on your way of playing, but we will try to create a tier list that can objectively be the best one to consult. So, let’s not delay any longer, and continue with this article.

Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list

Solo Leveling Arise has many weapons to choose from, as we mentioned earlier. Before we provide you with a tier list, however, you should know how the weapons are divided in the game. In fact, as with the characters, weapons are also divided into SR and SSR. Usually, SSR weapons are the best.

Another thing to also take into consideration is the element. In this case, in fact, the weapons have a classification equal to that of the characters. So, in addition to being distinguished by their rarity, they can also be distinguished into Dark, Light, Wind, Fire, and Water weapons. But now let’s look specifically at the Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list.


These are the best weapons you can get for Sung Jinwoo. Obviously, since they are the best, they will not be very easy to obtain. You will have to spend a lot of time drawing and hoping that you get one of these weapons.

  • Demonic Plum Flower Sword
  • The Huntsman
  • Thethis’ Grimoire
  • Demon King’s Longsword


The weapons present in this rank are still excellent weapons that can certainly have their say during your adventure in Solo Leveling Arise. While waiting to unlock two weapons from the previous tier, these are definitely the ones you should use.

  • West Wind
  • Moonshadow
  • Orb of Avarice
  • Shadow Scythe
  • Skadi
  • Radiru Family’s Longbow


These weapons are those found in the central part of our ranking. They’re not the best, but certainly not the worst. Furthermore, it is very likely that, at the beginning of your adventure, you will have to rely on these weapons to be able to continue in the game.

  • Kasaka’s Venom Fang
  • Naga Guardian Dragon’s Trident
  • Vulcan’s Rage
  • Burning Demon’s Grimoire
Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list


These are among the most common weapons you can get and, for this reason, they are not very powerful. We advise you against using them if you have better weapons available.

  • Baruka’s Dagger
  • Black Hawk
  • Knight Killer
  • Demon Knight’s Spear
  • Lustrous Dragon Sword


Finally, these are the worst weapons you can find in Solo Leveling Arise. Consequently, we advise you not to invest too many resources in their enhancement.

  • Frostbite Falchion
  • Orc’s Broadsword
  • Arachnid’s Hand Crossbow
  • Dragonscale Broadsword
  • Grave Keeper’s Scythe
  • Ice Elf’s Bow
  • Kim Sangshik’s Sword
  • Knight’s Sword
  • Lizard Glaive
  • Sandstorm Cube
  • Razan’s Blade
  • Lycan Slayer
  • Rock Golem Hammer

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