Shepherd of the Pawns Guide

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This walkthrough will guide you through each step to ensure the pawns’ safe departure.

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  • Shepherd of the Pawns Quest Overview
  • Key Locations and Battles

Key Takeaways

  • Start with “Hall of the First Dawn” quest to ease the evacuation process.
  • Be ready for a manual journey to Excavation Site, considering the altered world.
  • Defeat the Golem by targeting its glowing parts; obtain the Godsway to free pawns.

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Shepherd of the Pawns is a crucial post-game mission in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It focuses on evacuating a settlement before a red fog engulfs it. This walkthrough will guide you through each step to ensure the pawns’ safe departure.

Shepherd of the Pawns Quest Overview

  • Location: Excavation Site in the southeast of The Unmoored World
  • Quest Activation: Automatically triggers as you approach the main gates of the Excavation Site
  • Objective: Persuade the pawns to leave the settlement amidst the looming threat of the red fog

Starting the Quest

Before setting off for the Excavation Site, make sure to embark on the “Hall of the First Dawn” quest, which sets up a hub for evacuees. Travel southeast from the Volcanic Island Camp to reach the excavation site. Note that this area does not support teleportation, requiring a manual journey across the altered landscapes of The Unmoored World, unless you put a Portcrystal there.

volcanic island camp dd2

Key Locations and Battles

  1. Journey to the Excavation Site: From the Agamen Volcanic Island Portcrystal, head east past the Volcanic Island Camp, then southeast towards the site. The landscape has changed post-cataclysm, so be prepared for a different route.
  2. Golem Encounter: Upon arriving at the Agamen Ruins, assist Henrique in defeating a Golem guarding the entrance. The strategy remains the same as typical Golem battles, with a focus on its glowing weak points.
dd2 golem


Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Kill a Golem

The key to dismantling the seemingly impenetrable defense of a Golem lies in the arcane – the use of Magick.

Unraveling the Pawn Dilemma

After the Golem’s defeat, Henrique reveals the pawns’ reluctance to evacuate due to their adherence to the Overseer’s command, manipulated through an artifact known as the Godsway.

  1. The Overseers’ Godsway: Follow Henrique to the Gaol, where the obstinate pawns reside. Henrique provides the Overseers’ Lodge Key, granting access to locked areas in search of the Overseer or the Godsway.
  2. Retrieving the Godsway: Head to the central part of the settlement and unlock the house opposite the Agamen Ruins Inn. Inside, you’ll find the Overseer’s body and the Diminished Godsway. Collect the artifact and return it to Henrique at the Gaol.

Completing the Quest

Handing the Godsway over to Henrique releases the pawns from their compelled service, allowing them to evacuate and marking the quest’s completion.


Successfully resolving the situation rewards you with:

Wyrmslife Crystal

The crystallized blood of a draconic creature. Used in high-order enhancement.

The crystallized blood of a draconic creature. Used in high-order enhancement.

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