Road 96 Developers Return With Tides of Tomorrow

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A relatively short while back in the Fall of 2022, Australian Twitch streamer Macaw45 made headlines when he released a fan game based on a joke about a Kevin Costner’s Waterworld arcade game from a classic Simpsons episode. Could it be possible that this game has created a demand for more Waterworld games to come? Realistically, no. But it’s hard not to get strong vibes about a new Waterworld game when looking at Tides of Tomorrow, the latest narrative adventure game from developer DigixArt, best known for the likes of Road 96. The game made its debut during tonight’s Day of the Devs showcase, and as seen in the trailer below, it also happens to involve a flooded, post-apocalyptic world with people living on floating platforms, just without any Kevin Costner (not right now, anyway).

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