Review: Pro Philosopher 2: Governments & Grievances (Steam NextFest Demo)

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Developer – Intelligible Games

Publisher – Intelligible Games

Platforms –  PC (Reviewed)

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The Following Review is of the Steam NextFest Demo Build

Note the game may change before release, and this review is strictly of the Steam NextFest Demo.

I’ve had the opportunity to explore the demo build of Pro Philosopher 2: Governments & Grievances for over a month, and unfortunately, it has not inspired a strong desire for further play.

Pro Philosopher 2: Governments & Grievances is the sequel to Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher (which I have not played), featuring interactive debates with historical thinkers and logical puzzles reminiscent of the Ace Attorney series. While the game aims to delve into political philosophy, the execution does not capture my interest as effectively as its inspiration.

The focus on political philosophy, while not 100% problematic, may contribute to the game’s reduced appeal compared to the more action-oriented and fast-paced nature of Ace Attorney. Pro Philosopher 2 often feels more like a history lesson on political theory than an engaging interactive experience. The narrative tends to be dry, and the gameplay would benefit from greater dynamism to sustain player interest.

Fom the limited perspective of the demo, it’s evident that the game pushes players towards certain political leanings. The narrative choices, and even character interactions all seem to align with a particular ideological viewpoint. However, whether this bias is intentional or simply a byproduct of the game’s design is difficult to ascertain without experiencing the full version. Games, like any form of media, often reflect the beliefs and perspectives of their creators however.

As mentioned the game feels very much like Ace Attorney from a game mechanics point of view , and the main character Ari even exclaims “Nonsense!” during debates, reminiscent of Phoenix Wright’s iconic “Objection!”, complete with bold red text slamming onto the screen, Nonetheless, this might put the game’s potential to define its distinct character/persona at risk.

Despite the overly dry history lesson, the game is not without merit. It incorporates humor and light-hearted elements that make it somewhat enjoyable. However, based on the demo, it is not a title I would readily recommend, except perhaps for a few laughs due to its whimsical nature. The original game in the series is available for free on Steam, having evolved from a Newgrounds release, and I believe this is where the series may be best suited, as a free or low-cost offering.

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