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Developer – Capcom Co., LTD.

Publisher – Capcom Co., LTD.

Platforms –  Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch,Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android, PC (Reviewed)

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After years of being on the Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter Stories has finally made its way to PC. This captivating RPG takes the beloved Monster Hunter universe and transforms it in novel and thrilling ways, offering a fresh take on the franchise.

In Monster Hunter Stories, you assume the role of a young hero born in a village of Monster Riders. As you grow and overcome various trials, you eventually leave your village to embark on a grand adventure, venturing into the world of Hunters. Unlike Riders, who raise and bond with monsters, Hunters live by hunting them, and their way of life is vastly different from what you’ve known. Your journey requires you to bridge the gap between these two worlds, learning to collaborate with Hunters and fostering unity between the two communities.

The game ingeniously blends the essence of the Monster Hunter series with elements reminiscent of Pokémon. Players can capture eggs from the monsters they encounter, hatch these eggs to obtain new companions, and engage in turn-based battles with other monsters. These battles allow you to gather materials needed to craft more powerful weapons and armor, which, in turn, enable you to hunt for stronger monster eggs. The cycle of raising and bonding with your monster companions, battling, and crafting creates a deeply engaging gameplay experience that reimagines the Monster Hunter series in an exciting and accessible way.

However, your journey is perilous, overshadowed by the emergence of a mysterious catastrophe known as the Black Blight. This sinister force threatens to plunge the world into darkness and chaos, shattering the fragile peace and compelling both Riders and Hunters to face this formidable menace.

As you embark on your quests, you will be tasked with safeguarding the world by harnessing the enigmatic power of the Kinship Stone. Your adventures will also lead you to uncover the secrets behind the “Legend of Redan,” guiding you to the true essence of Kinship. Through these challenges, you will strive to restore harmony and protect the realm from impending doom, all while revealing deeper truths.

Since Monster Hunter Stories is a turn-based RPG , the game offers a strategic and accessible battle system that caters to both seasoned players and those who might find action games challenging. The game utilizes a dynamic combat mechanic where you employ Power, Speed, and Technical attacks to anticipate and counter your opponent’s moves.

As you engage in combat, you will build up your Kinship Gauge, which can be used to unleash powerful skills. Additionally, you can harness the unique Kinship Skills of your Monsties, your monster companions, to turn the tide of battle.

Since the game was orginally released on 3DS , now that it is on Steam , it Includes all the monsters added in updates to the original game, such as Kushala Daora, Teostra, and Rajang, as well as expanded endgame content and additional character editing parts, making it the complete package.

In summary, Monster Hunter Stories provides a more casual alternative to the main series, offering accessible gameplay without losing the captivating storytelling, excitement, and charm that define the Monster Hunter franchise. If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter or just a fan of turn-based RPGs, you’re going to love the game a lot. However, it’s clear that Monster Hunter Stories offers a different experience, focusing more on narrative and strategic planning rather than the intense, high-stakes hunts that define the main series. While it might not reach the same level of complexity or challenge as the main games, it stands out as a delightful and engaging spin-off that enriches the Monster Hunter universe.

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