Review: Lord Ambermaze

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Developer – Potata Company

Publisher – HeroCraft PC

Platforms –  PC (Reviewed)

Review copy given by Developer

Lord Ambermaze is a pixel-art adventure RPG with a turn-based combat system and time manipulation mechanics, similar to Crypt of the NecroDancer, where only your steps can force the flow of time to move.

In the enchanting realm of Lord Ambermaze, time stands still under the tyrannical rule of its namesake lord. Only one hope remains to break this temporal standstill – the legendary Sword of Motion wielded by our courageous protagonist, Zeyn. Embarking on a perilous odyssey, players step into Zeyn’s shoes to challenge the dominion of Lord Ambermaze and rescue the imprisoned princess.

As you step into a world where time obeys your every move, it’s safe to say, this revolutionary concept of time flowing only with the protagonist’s actions adds an exhilarating layer of depth to gameplay. Every decision becomes a calculated maneuver, and each step a strategic move.

With this time concept , combat transcends the mundane, evolving into a thrilling dance of wits, reflexes, and strategy. Varied enemies demand specialized tactics, rewarding players who adapt their approach for each encounter. Boss battles are epic showdowns of skill and determination, testing your mastery of time manipulation and combat mechanics to perfection to come out on top.

Exploring the labyrinthine dungeons is a thrilling adventure, filled with ancient artifacts, shadowy alcoves, and intricate puzzles, and each dungeon is a mesmerizing maze of challenges and discoveries, promising endless rewards for the intrepid explorer.

Lord Ambermaze is an innovative and imaginative game with impressive time movement mechanics, beautiful pixel art, and strategic combat that creates an engaging and memorable experience. Its unique time mechanics, stunning visuals, and challenging combat make it a standout game that is sure to delight players.

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