Review: Glyphs of Gitzan

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Developer – doublemizzlee, Eastasiasoft Limited

Publisher – Eastasiasoft Limited

Platforms –  Playstation4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Xbox Series S|X, PC (Reviewed)

Review copy given by Publisher

If you remember my recent review of Shivering Stone (Another game by Eastasiasoft), then you’ll know I have a soft spot for block-sliding puzzles, so you know when Eastasiasoft sent me an email about their new game Glyphs of Gitzan, I immediately jumped to get my hands on it.

Glyphs of Gitzan is as mentioned, a block-sliding puzzle adventure that captivates players with its intricate mechanics and captivating ancient aesthetic. This game challenges players to solve puzzles across 50 unique stages of increasing complexity, as you Take on the role of a young explorer. In this game, players navigate through levels in a top-down pixel art style, pushing stone pillars across tiled floors to align them with rows of glyphs.

To go into more detail, when it comes to completing puzzles, the primary objective of each level is to maneuver the stone pillars. Hence, they align with the patterns on the floor and become illuminated. Each pillar features glowing symbols that provide clues about the direction their light will project. Players must carefully and strategically position these pillars to ensure that all the glyphs in the hall are lit up, enabling them to advance to the next chamber. The challenge lies in interpreting the symbols correctly and arranging the pillars in a way that fully illuminates the intricate designs on the floor.

Across the 50 levels, I’d say The learning curve is well-balanced, starting with simple puzzles that gradually introduce more difficult concepts. While the game isn’t the worst visually, it definitely could use some improvements to be more appealing, it feels between each level the backgrounds are very similar if not the same between many levels.

While the game is pretty simple, it does its job at being a simple and relaxing puzzle game decently well, I’d say not only because of the puzzle mechanics being a bit different with the sliding on ice in Shivering Stone, but because of the graphics being much higher quality, I’d prefer to play Shivering Stone over Glyphs of Gitzan, however Glyphs of Gitzan is still a puzzle game that’s worth playing and taking a look at.

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