Review: Downward: Enhanced Edition

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Developer – Caracal Games

Publisher – Plug In Digital

Platforms –  Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch,Xbox Series S|X, PC (Reviewed)

Review copy given by Publisher

When I caught the eye of Downward: Enhanced Edition I was very surprised I hadn’t heard of it before whatsoever and I missed the original non-enhanced release back in July 2017. Back in 2006 ( I’M OLD I GET IT !) when I was still in High School, Parkour was starting to just become very popular in my area and it was a cool new thing to do after school. However, as someone who dislocated both knees playing sports, that wasn’t something I could easily do, and at the time there were no Parkour games or anything I could do to get in on the Parkour Craze, but I really wish there was .

Recently it seems a lot more games are focusing on Parkour type of movement from The Rogue Prince of Persia, and Ereban: Shadow Legacy, or more popular games like Ghost Runner or upcoming games such as Rooftops & Alleys . Taking a look at Downward: Enhanced Edition, however, will this be the gem I was looking for and hoping to be made over 18 years ago ?

Downward is an immersive first-person, open-world adventure that seamlessly blends parkour-based platforming with the exploration of a post-apocalyptic planet Earth. Set against the haunting backdrop of medieval ruins, players will navigate through stunning, post-apocalyptic and meticulously crafted landscapes. As you journey through these breathtaking environments, you’ll encounter formidable ancient guardians, each posing unique challenges.

The cataclysm that transformed Earth beyond recognition left behind a world of astonishing and perilous remnants of past civilizations. Utilizing your advanced parkour techniques and harnessing a mysterious power bestowed upon you, you will navigate through these treacherous ruins, on your quest to uncover legendary artifacts believed to have the power to control the devastating calamities that befell this world. Each artifact brings you one step closer to mastering the forces that reshaped the planet.

As you, Leap, slide, and cling to surfaces as you navigate the treacherous terrain, you gather experience points to enhance your character’s abilities and powers. These upgrades will be crucial as you blend them with your parkour skills to overcome the challenges throughout the game and Prepare to face the formidable Ancient Guardians, each one determined to halt your journey.

The main gameplay other then using parkour to overcome obstacles , is solving intricate puzzles that often require precise timing and dexterity, which you guessed it , require you to use parkourto help you solve them and get it down in a less amount of time then if you didn’t use your skills.

While you explore and venture into hidden places to discover useful items and concealed treasures , aswell as solve these puzzles , the choices you make, the treasures you find, and the paths you take will shape the outcome of your story.

The story however in the game is very lacking and seems more of an afterthought after the developers realized they couldn’t just release a parkour sandbox game, and that they couldn’t copy Mirror’s Edge . I’ll say playing the game I never felt interested in the plot of the game.

Overall, for a budget game (and one that seems before the enhanced edition was constantly on sale for less the $4) , the game’s main gameplay mechanics as well as it’s graphics are more than I was expecting. However, I wish the developers spent more time on the story behind the game, as It feels like a puzzle missing a piece, and impossible to put the story together. With the lack of story the game can also feel very repetitive. While affordable, I probably wouldn’t recommend the game even at it’s low price point, which is sad as I think with a better story this game could be really amazing.

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