Review: Crime Boss: Rockay City

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Developer – INGAME Studios

Publisher – 505 Games

Platforms –  Playstation 5, Xbox Series S|X, PC (Reviewed)

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This Game is Rated Mature 17+ and may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, General Mature Content, and Use of Drugs

Crime Boss: Rockay City is an exhilarating, Organized Crime game that expertly fuses first-person shooter action, strategic planning, and intense turf wars and is set in the 1990’s Rockay City, Florida- a vibrant metropolis teeming with quirky characters, a rich 90s gangster pop culture vibe, and the cheesiest dialogues reminiscent of the golden VHS era.

In Crime Boss: Rockay City, players immerse themselves in the role of a notorious criminal mastermind, navigating through a tension-packed, over-the-top first-person shooter environment. The storyline centers around the player’s ascent in the criminal underworld, starting from small-time heists to building a formidable crime empire. The narrative is rich with high-stakes drama and the relentless pursuit of power and respect within Rockay City’s seedy underbelly.

The gameplay is diverse and dynamic. Players can choose to engage in explosive firefights with a wide range of weapons and equipment or opt for a more stealthy approach. The heists themselves are meticulously designed, offering a variety of settings from bank robberies and store hold-ups to armored truck raids. Each mission presents unique challenges, requiring players to adapt and strategize on the fly.

The game offers multiple play modes, including an offline mode supported by AI bots and a 4-player PVE co-op multiplayer mode. The cooperative gameplay is particularly engaging, allowing players to team up with friends to tackle challenging missions. The quickplay matchmaking and session browser make it easy to find a reliable crew, while the option to invite friends directly ensures seamless team coordination.

Crime Boss: Rockay City features a progression system that rewards players with money and experience points (XP) for completing missions. These rewards unlock new weapons, equipment, skins, and teammates, enhancing the gameplay experience. The game’s single missions, Shuffle mode, and Urban Legends mini-campaigns provide a variety of content to keep players engaged.

There isn’t much bad to say about Crime Boss: Rockay City, the graphics are great, the gameplay and story are compelling, the game has great mechanics, and more. The major point I have to deduct from the game is how the game is handling DLC, currently, at the time of this review all the DLC is free, however, it’s only for a limited time … I could not find any clear answer on when the DLC will disappear, or how it will affect current saves/playthroughs once DLC does go away (Although I could have emailed the devs, this information should be public ). Now I do understand the main game price point is on the cheaper side, but this is not an excuse to release DLC in this way, either make it free or keep it a paid DLC or Season Pass.

Overall, Crime Boss: Rockay City is an amazing game for fans of organized crime games and first-person shooters. Its compelling story, diverse gameplay mechanics, and robust multiplayer options create an immersive and thrilling gaming experience. Whether playing solo or with friends, climbing to the top of Rockay City’s criminal hierarchy is an adventure worth undertaking.

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