Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop Hits Apple Arcade

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For over thirty years, the Puyo Puyo franchise has been one of Sega's most popular puzzle games — with the Compile-owned era even including a release on the SNES with Kirby's Avalanche. For the past decade, the series has become well-known across the world thanks to its inclusion in things like Sonic Mania, Yakuza 4 and the Tetris crossover series, allowing two titans of puzzle gaming to compete in the same game and offer up new challenges. Sega has released a healthy amount of content on Apple Arcade including a new Chu Chu Rocket game alongside Samba de Amigo Party-to-Go — which had original content amidst the core Samba de Amigo Dance Central experience — and an original Sonic game in the form of Sonic Dream Team.

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