Only Two PSVR 2 Games Are Being Developed By Sony – New Report

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Sony is reportedly developing only two PSVR 2 games, while significantly cutting back on the funding.

Only Two PSVR 2 Games Are Being Developed By Sony – The Future Looks Grim

Not long ago, people thought the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR 2) was a top choice for virtual reality gaming. It had more than 200 games, including big hits like Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7, and Resident Evil Village. But now, there are some signs that Sony’s main VR device might be facing some problems in the future and is facing a lack of support.

Sources close to Android Central have revealed that Sony is significantly cutting back on funding for VR game development. One source, wishing to remain anonymous, indicated that there would be very few opportunities for VR game development at Sony going forward. Another source confirmed that only two PSVR 2 games are currently in development, casting doubt on the future of VR support from Sony.

Well, these reveals are definitely not great. Moreover, the fact that major studios like Insomniac Games, known for the Spider-Man series and other successful franchises, are not working on any PSVR2 titles is particularly telling.

Despite Insomniac’s previous success with VR games for Meta’s Oculus Rift, their absence from PSVR2 development highlights Sony’s decreasing interest in the platform.

Less First-Party Games and Constant Studio Closures

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Last year, Sony only released three games for the PSVR 2. They also closed down London Studio, the team that made the popular game Blood & Truth, and made big cuts at Firesprite, which made Horizon Call of the Mountain. This shows that Sony might be moving away from VR.

Even the eagerly anticipated sequel to Astro Bot Rescue Mission, the highest-rated PSVR game, was revealed to have no VR support, which is a letdown for fans.

Moreover, the shift in focus was evident during Sony’s May 2024 State of Play showcase, where the absence of PSVR 2 support for the new Astro Bot game was glaring. This decision to leave out VR from a game that was originally a VR game suggests that Sony might be investing less in VR.

Well, Sony’s overall plan seems to have changed. The company is now split into two parts – one for hardware and one for software, each with its own CEO. This change might be why there’s less support for VR, as the company seems to be focusing on other things.

In 2022, Sony executives discussed a hybrid AAA strategy, where major titles like Horizon, Uncharted, and The Last of Us would feature VR modes. However, apart from Gran Turismo 7 and the Resident Evil titles, no other AAA games have received this treatment.

The lack of backward compatibility with original PSVR games and the tepid response to Sony’s announcement of a limited-function PSVR2 PC adapter further highlights the declining emphasis on VR.

Market Performance and Grim Future of PSVR 2

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In addition to the lack of first-party games and constant studio closures, the PSVR 2 market’s performance is another concerning factor.

The PSVR2 hasn’t been doing well in the market. Even though it has great features like OLED screens, advanced controllers that let you feel what’s happening in the game, and eye tracking, it’s been having a hard time because it doesn’t have enough unique games and support from Sony.

Also, Sony hasn’t been promoting the PSVR2 much, with only a few posts on the PlayStation Blog. Not to mention that the headset wasn’t available at big stores for a while, and it didn’t sell well during the holiday season. All of this has made things difficult for the PSVR 2.

Analysts have also reported that the PSVR 2 only sold a little over a million units in its first year, which is a lot less than what the original PSVR sold.

With all these factors, the future of PSVR2 appears bleak. The headset’s lack of compelling exclusive titles, combined with the ongoing industry trend of declining AAA VR support, suggests it may follow the fate of Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

For PSVR 2 to succeed, Sony must reconsider its approach. Investing in exclusive AAA titles, even if it is not a big budget, and leveraging its strong first-party franchises in virtual reality could bring back gamers’ interest in the headset. If they don’t work hard on it, the PSVR2 might just end up as a small part of gaming history, outshined by other devices that can do more and have better support.

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