Nintendo Direct June 2024 Might Happen Later This Week

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Recent rumors suggest that Nintendo Direct June 2024 might happen later this week.

Nintendo Direct June 2024 Might Happen Later This Week

Gaming fans are eagerly waiting for the June 2024 Nintendo Direct event, which rumors say might happen soon. There’s a lot of talk and excitement among gamers because insiders and reports have hinted at this event.

People are especially curious about new games from Nintendo and the possibility of a new console called the Nintendo Switch 2 being revealed. Even though there’s some mixed information out there, fans are really looking forward to hearing official announcements. Let’s get into these rumors and find out what’s really going on.

Nintendo Direct June 2024 Rumors

Rumors are flying about the upcoming June 2024 Nintendo Direct. According to a source called Brazil on Famiboards, the event might happen on Tuesday, June 18. This speculation got a boost from a leaked Among Us trailer suggesting a possible event on the same day. But it’s important to note that Brazil’s predictions aren’t always accurate, so we should be cautious about these rumors.

On the other hand, another rumor suggests something different: the Nintendo Direct might not happen this week after all. According to an insider, @phluttilippe on Twitter, the broadcast will actually take place at the end of the month. They mentioned that Nintendo hasn’t even decided on a date yet, which means it could be a couple of weeks before we get more details.

These conflicting rumors have fans and insiders guessing and waiting eagerly to see what Nintendo will announce next.

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What to Expect from Nintendo Direct June 2024?

Despite the conflicting reports, fans eagerly await announcements on upcoming first-party titles.

One of the biggest things everyone is waiting for is news about Metroid Prime 4. Nintendo hasn’t said much about the game since they restarted it with Retro Studios. If it comes out in 2024 or early 2025, it would be a big deal for their console and get fans really hyped up for Samus Aran’s next adventure.

Another game fans are eager to hear more about is Pokemon Legends: Z-A. It was first announced at the February Pokémon Presents event, but we haven’t seen anything new since then. So, a new trailer could be coming soon.

Moreover, with the Switch 2 scheduled for a reveal sometime this fiscal year, news on Nintendo’s first-party roadmap has been rather light in 2024 so far. This is likely because most of the company’s upcoming titles are set to be released on its next-generation consoles.

However, that doesn’t mean the platform holder hasn’t had anything to share with its fans this year. The Switch manufacturer did host a Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase earlier in February. This event primarily focused on third-party games, but it did feature a couple of Switch-exclusive titles launching in 2024, like Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble and Endless Ocean Luminous.

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Well, there’s a lot of excitement around the upcoming Nintendo Direct June 2024. With rumors flying all over, fans worldwide are eagerly waiting to hear the latest news and updates from Nintendo.

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