Nightingale Player Creates Incredible Portal Tower House by the Sea

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Key Takeaways

  • A Reddit user by the name of Ms_Tyree created an increible Portal Tower House by the Sea.
  • Patience and precision are key in strategically placing pillars and walls to create the unique shape of the tower.
  • Beware of removing external pillars, as it can lead to a collapse – careful planning is crucial in this architectural masterpiece.

In an inspiring display of creativity and ingenuity, a Nightingale player, known as Ms_Tyree on the Nightingale subreddit, has shared an extraordinary project: a Portal Tower House by the Sea. This architectural masterpiece, a testament to the game’s flexible building mechanics, showcases not just the beauty of design but also the strategic intricacies involved in creating such a structure within Nightingale’s immersive world.

Starting From The Ground Up

Contrary to the aerial illusion portrayed by the photos, Ms_Tyree emphasizes the importance of beginning the construction from the ground level. The foundation of this tower extends all the way to the bedrock, debunking the misconception that the building starts from the roof. The inclusion of a square lower structure around the edges, after establishing the circular base, adds a layer of complexity and aesthetic appeal to the overall design.

A key piece of advice from Ms_Tyree is the necessity of a flat area for the foundation, recommending a space of at least 5×5 squares. This size provides enough room to facilitate the building process, although larger areas can also be utilized for those seeking a greater challenge.

The Building Process

The detailed guide provided by Ms_Tyree offers a glimpse into the methodical approach required to achieve the tower’s unique shape. Starting with a single foundation piece, players are instructed to meticulously align their cursor with the center of the foundation, ensuring a perfect square alignment with the screen’s edges. This precision is crucial as it sets the stage for the entire structure.

By strategically placing and removing ghost foundations, Ms_Tyree outlines a technique that creates a circular outer ring, segmenting the build into multiple buildings to bypass the game’s build limit. This clever manipulation of the game’s mechanics is not just innovative but essential for the completion of the project.


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The Final Touches

With the foundation set, the construction of pillars and walls begins, transforming the initial blueprint into a tangible structure. The process of adding floors and walls, followed by a careful arrangement of pillars, requires patience and precision. The culmination of these efforts is a towering structure, capped with angled roof pieces, standing majestically by the sea.

A Word of Caution

Ms_Tyree warns fellow builders of the delicate balance that holds the tower together. Removing any external pillar can lead to a catastrophic collapse, highlighting the need for careful planning and execution throughout the building process.

A Marvel of Nightingale Architecture

This Portal Tower House by the Sea is not just a structure but an example of what’s possible in Nightingale’s boundless world. It stands as a testament to the creativity and dedication of its builder, Ms_Tyree, and serves as inspiration for fellow Realmwalkers. Through a combination of strategic planning and creative execution, Nightingale players are pushing the boundaries of virtual architecture, creating breathtaking landscapes in the wild Fae Realms

For those intrigued by this architectural feat, the Nightingale subreddit remains a hub for sharing, learning, and collaborating on similar projects, inviting gamers to explore the limits of their imagination within this captivating game.

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