New Valorant Map: Abyss

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New Valorant Map: Abyss
Jose Maria Serna

Valorant players, get ready to dive into the depths with the new Valorant map, Abyss! Released on June 11, 2024, with patch 8.11, Abyss brings a fresh and thrilling experience to the game.

This map is unique as it features vertical gameplay, death drops, and jump shortcuts, making it a true test of skill and strategy.

Best Agents for Abyss, the New Valorant Map

On this list, we will tell you which agents can work the best on Abyss, the New Valorant Map, considering all the roles in the game.

  1. Duelists:
    • Jett: Jett’s agility and ability to hover make her a top pick for Abyss. She can easily navigate the vertical aspects of the map and use the Operator to dominate mid.
    • Raze: Even after the nerf the agent received, Raze’s satchel jumps allow her to reach tricky spots and push enemies off the map. Her explosive abilities are perfect for controlling some of the tight spaces in Abyss.
  2. Controllers:
    • Omen: Omen’s teleportation and smokes are invaluable in Abyss. He can outplay opponents with his movements and provide crucial cover for his team.
    • Astra: Astra’s Gravity Well can pull enemies off the small bridges, making her a powerful pick for controlling key areas.
  3. Initiators:
    • Breach: Breach thrives on maps with tall walls and congested chokepoints. His concuss and flashes can help teammates secure easy frags, and his ultimate can knock enemies into the Abyss.
    • Sova: Sova’s recon abilities are perfect for Abyss. He can use his arrows to gather intel and wallbang enemies through the map’s many penetrable surfaces.
    • Gecko: Gecko’s lil’ bro is super strong on Abyss, as it can jump and avoid falling when making its way to plant the bomb. The flash is super strong as the ceilings on the map are pretty tall, giving you a lot of options to blind your enemies and secure easy kills.
  4. Sentinels:
    • Killjoy: Killjoy’s turret and utility can lock down key areas and provide valuable information. Her abilities are perfect for controlling the vertical spaces in Abyss.

Tips and Tricks for Abyss

After watching multiple videos and playing the map, we came with a list of tips and tricks that you can use on Abyss to look like a pro and to prepare for when the new Valorant map enters the competitive map pool.

  • Use the verticality: Take advantage of the map’s vertical elements to surprise enemies and gain strategic positions.
  • Watch your step: Be mindful of the death drops and avoid falling off the map. Use abilities like Jett’s dash or Omen’s teleport to save yourself if needed.
  • Control mid: The mid area is crucial in Abyss. Holding this area can give your team a significant advantage, so use agents like Jett and Sova to dominate this space.
  • Utilize jump shortcuts: Learn the jump shortcuts to navigate the map quickly and catch enemies off guard.
New Valorant Map

Agent Changes in Patch 8.11

Patch 8.11 not only introduced Abyss but also brought significant changes to several agents. Iso received a rework, with his Double Tap ability now granting a shield and having a kill reset mechanic. Neon’s wall duration was decreased, and her sprint speed was increased, making her more agile in combat. Raze saw a nerf to her mobility, reducing her ability to dominate with explosive plays. Clove’s selfish capabilities were toned down, making her less of a pseudo-duelist controller.

These changes aim to balance the gameplay and ensure that each agent has a unique role to play in the new map. So, gear up, agents, and dive into the Abyss for an exhilarating Valorant experience!

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