New MultiVersus Characters and Stages Leaked

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The latest leaks have revealed new MultiVersus characters like Aquaman, Samurai Jack, and more, and new Stages like the Cat Concerto stage.

New MultiVersus Characters and Stages Leaked

MultiVersus, the popular fighting game from Player First Games, is getting some exciting new updates. The game, which came back on May 28, 2024, after being offline for a while, is rumored to be adding new characters and stages. A Twitter user has been sharing leaks about these potential new features, hinting at fan-favorite characters and more. Let’s talk about all these new MultiVersus characters and stages leaks.

New MultiVersus Characters Leak

Back in June 2023, the open beta of MultiVersus was taken offline so Player First Games could finish developing the game. At that time, there were 23 playable characters. The beta started in 2022 with 17 characters and was updated with more fighters until November 2022, with Marvin the Martian being the last addition.

Now, leaks from Twitter user @AusilMV suggest that several popular characters will be added to MultiVersus. These include Daffy Duck, Samurai Jack, and Aquaman.

Found of video of Ricks voice lines in the game and found some lines where he’s talking to characters not yet in the game


🥧KrustyforMultiversus🥧 (@KrustyandUG) May 29, 2024

Fans believe Aquaman and Samurai Jack might be joining because they spotted a trident and a katana in the latest trailer.

The developers have also confirmed that Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and Agent Smith from The Matrix will be included. However, the leaked MultiVersus characters have not been officially confirmed by the development team.

New MultiVersus Stages Leak

Leaks suggest that MultiVersus will soon have new stages for players to explore. These include a Cat Concerto stage, based on a popular Tom & Jerry episode, and the Candy Kingdom.

Other possible new stages are the Teen Titans tower, the Water Tower, and a Mousewheel. Once more, @AusilMV seemed to locate the Teen Titans tower, which was mentioned in the most recent trailer.

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Readers were forewarned by user @AusilMV that their account had numerous strikes and that these possible MultiVersus spoilers would be removed shortly. However, a lot of fans have already thoroughly looked at these spoilers and it seems like all of these new MultiVersus stages will make the game more fun by offering different and exciting places for the characters to play in.

Now, even though the leaks have excited fans, the developers haven’t officially announced these new additions. Still, the idea of new characters and stages in MultiVersus is making everyone look forward to the game’s future.

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