Netflix Minecraft Animated Series Announced To Be Coming Soon

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A new Netflix Minecraft animated series trailer was dropped recently, revealing that this new project will be coming soon.

A new Minecraft Animated series announced by Netflix is coming soon.

Netflix has teamed up with Mojang Studios and WildBrain to create an animated series based on the hugely popular game “Minecraft”.

This news, part of the game’s 15th anniversary celebration, promises new stories and characters in the familiar blocky world. With WildBrain’s creativity and “Minecraft’s” popularity, this series is expected to be Netflix’s next big animated hit. Let’s take a closer look at all the details revealed on the Netflix Minecraft Animated Series in the official announcement.

Netflix Minecraft Animated Series Trailer

A short teaser trailer shows a green Creeper from Minecraft scuttling into the middle of a black screen and then exploding in a pixelated grey cloud. After the fog clears, the camera moves into an underground cave filled with lava.

The shot zooms in on a red Netflix “N” logo on top of a volcanic rock, then reveals the words “Netflix x Minecraft.” A caption underneath says: “This just happened: The best-selling game of all time & the biggest streamer in the world are teaming up to bring you a brand new Minecraft Netflix animated series.”


From Netflix & Mojang Studios, an animated Minecraft series is officially in the works.

— Netflix (@netflix) May 30, 2024

Netflix announced that the upcoming series will have a brand-new story with new characters, showing the world of Minecraft in a fresh way. Although the plot details are still secret, fans are very excited.

The Team Behind the Netflix Minecraft Animated Series

The Netflix Minecraft animated series is being developed by WildBrain, a renowned Canadian studio with a strong track record in creating successful animated projects. WildBrain has been instrumental in the production of popular Netflix animations such as “Sonic Prime,” “Ninjago: Dragons Rising,” and “Carmen Sandiego”.

In addition to their Netflix projects, they have also produced “The Snoopy Show” and “Snoopy in Space” for Apple TV+ and “Fireman Sam” for the UK’s Channel 5.

Moreover, Minecraft, released by Mojang in 2011, is incredibly popular in itself, with over 140 million people playing each month. The game lets players build 3D worlds with colorful blocks in its well-known pixelated style. It has also led to several spin-off games, including “Minecraft: Story Mode,” “Minecraft Earth,” “Minecraft Dungeons,” and “Minecraft Legends.”

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With their extensive experience and creative expertise, WildBrain is well-positioned to bring the blocky universe of Minecraft to life in this highly anticipated animated series.

While we wait for more information, one thing is certain – Minecraft’s blocky world is about to start a new adventure, and fans are eager to be part of it. And, with Minecraft being so popular and WildBrain’s creative talent, this Minecraft animated series is definitely something to look forward to.

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