Monster Hunter Wilds trailer revealed at PlayStation State of Play

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Monster Hunter Wilds trailer revealed at PlayStation State of Play
Onur Demirkol

The highly-awaited Monster Hunter Wilds trailer was previewed during the PlayStation State of Play event and it looks amazing!

Let’s be honest, Capcom’s games are always pretty fun and they excite all the gamers from all around the world with sick trailers.

The company has made some of the best games in certain genres so far, and we had a sneak peek of an upcoming dominance the other day.

Capcom showed its first-ever Monster Hunter Wilds trailer at the PlayStation State of Play event.

As of this writing, it has been 10 hours since the trailer was uploaded on YouTube and it surpassed 500k views.

When we say Capcom games excite fans, we mean it. What is so special about this Monster Hunter Wilds trailer, though?

You can check the official trailer below:

Monster Hunter Wilds trailer revealed new features and more

The “Monster Hunter: Wilds” trailer is packed with cool updates. It shows that all the familiar weapons are back, each upgraded with new moves.

There are exciting new monsters like the Dalthydon, a wandering herbivore, and the Ceratonoth, which can withstand sandstorms with its special horns. We also get a glimpse of the scary Doshaguma and the drooling Chatacabra.

Besides the monsters, the game’s setting is really impressive. The Windward Plains, with its constant sandstorms, not only looks incredible but will also make the hunts more challenging and fun.

Credit: Capcom

The trailer surpassed 500k views in 10 hours

Monster Hunter is a popular game and the upcoming sequel is what fans have been looking for in the past few months.

Finally, they got what they wanted and Capcom rewarded everyone with a brand-new trailer.

The trailer has quickly become a hit, racking up over 500,000 views on YouTube in just 10 hours. This shows just how excited fans are about the game.

The many views highlight the strong interest and the big community that follows this game series.

Monster Hunter Wilds release date

“Monster Hunter: Wilds” is expected to come out in 2025, although Capcom hasn’t given a specific release date yet.

They seem to be taking their time to make sure the game is as good as it can be. Keep an eye on the Summer Game Fest, starting June 7, for any new updates about when the game will be released.

Monster Hunter: Wilds” looks like it’s going to be another fantastic game in the Monster Hunter series. With its stunning visuals, updated weapons, and new monsters, the game is sure to offer both longtime fans and new players an exciting world to explore

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