Minecraft PS5 Version to Release in Late 2024, Mojang Studios Has Confirmed the Rumors

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Minecraft PS5 version is in the works, and Mojang Studios says that they plan to release it later this year.

Minecraft PS5 Version to Release in Late 2024, Mojang Studios Has Confirmed the Rumors

A recent update to the popular game Minecraft accidentally hinted that a version specifically for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) might be in the works.

This was discovered in the latest “The Tricky Trials” update. One fan noticed something interesting in the game’s settings and shared it on X (formerly Twitter). They found a ‘PlayStation 5 Preview’ button added by Mojang Studios. The news has now been confirmed by Mojang, exciting the gaming community, especially fans who have been eagerly waiting for a Minecraft PS5 version.

PS5 Preview Option and Mojang’s Confirmation on Minecraft PS5 Version Development

While many fans were excited about the new Tricky Trials update, some players spotted a new PlayStation 5 Preview button in the game’s settings.

Right now, this button doesn’t do anything when clicked, but it led people to guess that a PS5 Minecraft version might be coming.

Now, Mojang Studios has also confirmed that they are testing Minecraft on PlayStation 5, clearing up rumors that started with a PlayStation 5 Preview button. And the gaming community is evidently excited about this news.

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This preview button is meant to let players try out new Minecraft features and give feedback to the Mojang team. They are collecting feedback and improving the Minecraft game for a native PS5 version, which they plan to release later this year.

This new version will have the same updates as the one that came out for Xbox Series X|S last year.

Talking about the new version, Mojang studio said, “Mojang has begun testing Minecraft on PlayStation 5, paving the way for a native PS5 version to be released later this year.” This PS5 version of the game is currently in experimental mode so the team can continue to make improvements and listen to community feedback over the next few months.”

The Tricky Trials Update

The Tricky Trials update, or the 1.21 update, is a new addition to Minecraft that adds lots of fun stuff to the game. It includes new decorative blocks, hostile mobs, items, weapons, and paintings, making the game’s world even more interesting. The best part of this update is the trial chambers—large structures filled with traps and treasures, giving players a new and exciting challenge to explore.

This update is available for both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft, so everyone can enjoy the new features no matter what platform they play on.

Well, the idea of a Minecraft PS5 version is thrilling and could add fresh excitement to the game. And the fans are hoping that this PS5 Minecraft could look and run better than the PS4 version we use now.

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