M. Bison joins Street Fighter 6 on June 26

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Street Fighter 6 continues to add more characters to its roster. It was announced that psycho-powered fallen dictator, M. Bison will be joining the fighting game on June 26, 2024, across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. This will be the 23rd character featured in Street Fighter 6 and the game is only a year old with even more coming.

The announcement of M. Bison joining Street Fighter 6 came immediately after the announcement of Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, and Elena as part of the Year 2 lineup of characters.

M. Bison’s Movesets

Here are the following moves that M. Bison offers:

Shadow Rise: A quick and high-reaching jump that has two follow-ups, including his iconic Head Press and Devil Reverse moves

Backfist Combo: An all-new move that allows M. Bison to plant Psycho Mines in his opponents

Knee Press Nightmare: M. Bison’s Level 1 Super Art that takes aim at opponent’s legs with a series of crushing blows and is invincible on start-up

Psycho Punisher: M. Bison’s Level 2 Super Art that launches opponents into the air with a powerful shockwave from a stomp

Unlimited Psycho Crusher: M. Bison’s Level 3 Super Art sees the villain rush towards his opponent and smash them into the ground with devastating strength

For those who own the Year 2 Character and Ultimate Pass, M. Bison will be unlocked for you on June 26, and the iconic Outfit 2 from Street Fighter II: Champion Edition.

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