LoL patch 14.12 rundown

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LoL patch 14.12 rundown
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LoL patch 14.12 brings the usual balance changes, but its dominating highlight will be the extremely controversial Faker Ahri skin.

The multiple price options for different versions of the skin prompted significant community backlash. The commemoration skin is available for a pricey $40, a staggering $300 or an outrageous $500.

But while Faker’s skin dominates conversation, there is still the regular humdrum of champion and item buffs and nerfs.

LoL patch 14.12 champion changes

LoL patch 14.12 buffs the following champions:

  • Ezreal: His AD growth is higher, and the damage on his Q and R has been increased
  • Karma: Karma gets buffs to her E to encourage support play. Her E and R-E shields more and grants movement speed for longer
  • Naafiri: the damage on her passive spawning packmates is higher. Her Q now executes against minions and non-epic monsters (instead of minions and medium/large monsters). The Q heal on bleeding targets now includes Large/Epic monsters as well as champions. Finally, her Q has a shorter cooldown at lower ranks
  • Nilah: Nilah’s health regeneration and armor growth is higher
  • Talon: Talon’s Q cast time now scales with attack speed. His W does more damage, but loses its damage buff against jungle monsters
  • Viktor: Viktor’s Q2 now works on towers, significantly increasing his sieging power
  • Vladimir: The health cost on W is lower, and now does more healing and damage
  • Yone: Yone’s base armor is higher
  • Yuumi: the cooldown on her E is lower, and her R heals more per hit

Meanwhile, the following champions get hit by the nerf stick:

  • Akali: The damage on Akali’s E is significantly lower at all ranks, with a lower AP ratio but a higher AD ratio
  • Akshan: The damage on Akshan’s passive and E are lower
  • Ashe: Likewise the damage on Ashe’s passive is lower, from 120% to 115%
  • Blitzcrank: The base health on Blitzcrank is lower, in exchange for a longer duration of his passive shield (up to 10 seconds from 4 seconds)
  • Master Yi: His Q damage is monsters is lower, and his W’s damage reduction is lower and lasts for less time
  • Rek’Sai: Her Q grants less attack speed and her W does less damage
  • Skarner: Skarner gets less base health but more health growth. His passive changes from 7-10% (based on level) of the target’s max HP to 5-11%
  • Tryndamere: The bonus AD on his Q is lower, and his E does less damage
  • Twisted Fate: The damage on his Q is lower. His W costs more mana, and his Blue Card on W restores more mana to encourage him to use it more

Finally, this handful of LoL champs get some tweaks in patch 14.12:

  • Aatrox: Aatrox gets less health regeneration growth and more armor growth. The healing on his E is now a flat 16% at all ranks, with a +0.9% bonus health modifier. His R also greatly increases its healing. This is to push him away from burst builds and more to drain-tank front-lining.
  • Corki: the Corki rework continues to tweak and adjust. His base attack is lower, but gets more attack speed growth. His Q does more flat damage with a shorter cooldown, and has a buff to its AP ratio. Meanwhile, his E does less damage, shreds less defenses, and costs more mana
lol patch 14.12

Item balance and other changes

The LoL item changes in patch 14.12 are as follows:

  • Noonquiver: The recipe now includes an extra Long Sword with a recipe cost reduction to match. It now needs two Long Swords, a Cloak of Agility, and 100 gold. It gives 20 AD, down from 25
  • Scout’s Slingshot: Its recipe changes from one Dagger and 600 gold to two Daggers and 200 gold. This lowers its total cost from 900 gold to 800 gold. The Rapid Firecannon, Runaan’s Hurricane and Statikk Shiv items that build out of the Slingshot increases their recipe cost by 100 gold so their total cost remains the same
  • Lord Dominik’s Regard: The recipe swaps out the Cloak of Agility and pricey 950 gold for a Noonquiver and 150 gold, smoothing out its build path
  • Statikk Shiv: Its recipe swaps out the 1000 gold recipe cost for a Pickaxe and 225 gold
  • Void Staff: It now gives 90 AP, up from 80
  • Serylda’s Grudge: Its passive bonus armor penetration increased its flat value (before Lethality modifiers) from 20% to 25%

Meanwhile, the First Strike rune also gets a nerf. Its initial flat gold gain is down to 10 from 15, and its damage amp is down to 7% from 8%.

Finally, the recommended rune pages for a bunch of champions (Yone, Seraphine, Draven, Talon, Karma, Zed, LeBlanc, Katarina, Zoe, and Gangplank) will be updated to give players their better build options.

Finally, the new skins are available:

  • Immortalized Legend Ahri
  • Risen Legend Ahri
  • Risen Legend LeBlanc
  • Crystalis Indomitus Xerath

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