LoL patch 14.11 rundown

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LoL patch 14.11 rundown
Michael Jeong

As the new patch looms on the horizon, a quick check into LoL patch 14.11 will refresh what changes need to be resolved.

After 14.10 brought the enormous changes to champions and especially items (requiring its own mid-patch quick-fix), patch 14.11 seeks to stabilize.

It also opens a new Middle East server. Further, the patch seeks to stop lane-swaps by increasing the damage reduction on turrets from 50% to 75% and increasing first turret gold bonus from 150 to 300.

LoL patch 14.11 champion changes

LoL patch 14.11 brings a lot of buffs and handful of nerfs to balance out the roster.

For buffs, we have:

  • Draven: Loses only 50% (down from 75%) Adoration stacks on death, and more initial bonus gold on kill before stacks.
  • Gangplank: Higher base health and armor growth
  • Gnar: More AD growth and better Q AD scaling
  • Kha’Zix: Q damage increased
  • Lulu: R knock-up increased and lower cooldown at all ranks
  • Master Yi: Growth for base health, armor, attack damage, and attack speed all higher
  • Nami: Base AD is now higher. W costs less mana at higher ranks. R slows more at lower ranks.
  • Nasus: Higher AD growth. E costs less mana and reduces more armor
  • Pantheon: Charged Q now has an AP ratio. W now includes max HP scaling, and has a new min/max damage against monsters. E grants level-scaling Armor/Magic Resist for four seconds after use
  • Singed: Q does more damage and R has a lower cooldown at Rank 1/2
  • Smolder: Base AD and passive crit-scaling is higher. Q costs less mana and has a higher crit scaling

Meanwhile, the champions getting nerfs are:

  • Camille: Q move speed decreased, R flat on-hit damage lower
  • Hwei: Lower QQ and QE damage
  • Irelia: Less base health growth
  • Jinx: Less AD growth
  • Karthus: Q does less flat damage
  • Mordekaiser: Passive damage increased, but damage cap against monsters increased to compensate. Q damage decreased at later levels
  • Taliyah: Q base damage is lower

Finally, these champions receive adjustments:

  • Caitlyn: More attack speed growth, less damage on W headshots, and less AD scaling on R
  • K’Sante: Q mana cost reduced and R healing increased. W damage reduction and hold duration both decreased
  • Ornn: Ornn can now upgrade almost all Legendary items (save rare exceptions like Mejai’s Soulstealer or the unevolved Archangel’s Staff)
lol patch 14.11

New item/rune changes and skins

Over in items, LoL patch 14.11 continued to correct from the massive 14.10 overhaul. Some of these are mid-patch changes included for visibility.

In items:

  • Blackfire Torch: Burn damage down from 60 (+12% AP) to 45 (+9% AP)
  • Celestial Opposition: Passive no longer triggers on Knight’s Vow damage
  • Essence Reaver: Total gold cost down from 3200 to 3100, and grants more AD (65 to 70)
  • Fated Ashes: Less AP (40 -> 30) and less burn damage (21 -> 15)
  • Immortal Shieldbow: Passive Lifeline shield is bigger (320-530 -> 320-720) and scales from level 9-18 instead of 1-18
  • Infinity Edge: Bonus crit damage is down to 40% from 50%
  • Knight’s Vow: Gives 200 instead of 300 HP, and 10 Ability Haste instead of 15
  • Statikk Shiv: Build path is now Scout’s Slingshot, Rectrix and 700 gold recipe (total is now 100 gold cheaper at 2800). It grants more AD and AS, and its Electrospark damage is now more at 120. It also grants 7% movement speed
  • Serrated Dirk: Players can now only have one Dirk in their inventory at a time
  • Zeal: Grants 15% crit chance instead of 20%

Meanwhile, in runes:

  • Cut Down: does 8% increased damage to champions over 50% max health (down from 60%)
  • Absorb Life: heals 2-20 based on level (up from 2-17)

Finally, three new skins are available in the ubiquitous Infernal skin line:

  • Infernal Ashe
  • Infernal Olaf
  • Infernal Karma

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