Kingdom Hearts 4 Has Online Features and Might Come to Switch 2 – Reports

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Kingdom Hearts 4, the eagerly-awaited sequel within the popular action RPG collection, is reportedly set to introduce online functions and might even be launched on the Nintendo Switch 2.

Kingdom Hearts IV Has Online Features and Might Come to Switch 2 – Reports

According to new reports, in addition to looking “very different” from the reveal video, Kingdom Hearts 4 may offer online functionality. Moreover, it might be available with ports of the other Kingdom Hearts titles on Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Switch 2.

This information comes from notable leaker Midori, who has a track record of accurate leaks, particularly regarding SEGA and Atlus titles.

According to Midori, Kingdom Hearts 4, codenamed “Quattro”, is set to have some “small online features”. While the specifics of these online features are not yet known, it is clear that they will add a new dimension to the gameplay experience. However, Midori has clarified that these features will be “small”, suggesting that the game will not be fully multiplayer.

They said the Steam ports were in development since last summer.
A company named BitGroove is working on Missing Link and the next beta test would be in April.
KH4 has some small online features and looks very different from the first trailer. The codename is Quattro.

— みどり (@MbKKssTBhz5) May 21, 2024

Midori has also revealed that the next Kingdom Hearts game looks “very different” from its reveal trailer. This suggests that significant progress has been made in the game’s development since its reveal in 2022. The game’s protagonist, Sora, was portrayed with a remarkably realistic appearance in the reveal trailer, and the showcased setting appeared to be Quadratum, a more grounded and realistic environment compared to previous games.

In addition to the introduction of online features, Midori has also suggested that this title might be released on the Nintendo Switch 2. This would mark the first time a Kingdom Hearts game has been released on a Nintendo console. Furthermore, Midori has hinted that ports of the rest of the Kingdom Hearts series might also come to the Nintendo Switch 2.

Moreover, we have more leaks about Kingdom Hearts today than just this one. Midori also stated that Kingdom Hearts would be heading to Fortnite. Although she did not provide a date, this seems reasonable considering that Disney and Epic Games recently announced a $1.5 billion collaboration.

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As for the reliability of the leaker, Midori is best known for her reporting on SEGA, specifically with Persona, she leaked information about the Persona 3 Reload The Answer DLC ahead of datamines.

Well, the potential introduction of online features and a release on the Nintendo Switch 2 represents an exciting new chapter for the Kingdom Hearts series. While these reports are yet to be confirmed, they offer a tantalizing glimpse into what fans can expect from Kingdom Hearts 4.

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