Iconic 80s anime Macross is coming to Disney+ this year

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Great news for classic anime fans – Disney+ announced that the iconic mecha anime Macross is coming to the platform later this year.

Recently, Disney+ confirmed that it will release the various anime series (and possibly movies) in the franchise throughout the coming months of 2024. Yes, that means it won’t be the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross series that will be released, but also many of the other notable titles.

This is quite a surprising move, especially considering that Macross hasn’t really gotten much in the way of new projects. Then again, a new Macross anime is coming from Sunrise, so it may be a move to get more viewers into this iconic classic before the new anime gets released.

Plus, it aligns with Disney+’s expansion into anime. After all, the platform has been the exclusive streaming service for anime like Heavenly Delusion, Sand Land: The Series, and more.

Macross is a mecha sci-fi franchise that began back in 1982, though some anime fans may know the original anime as Robotech, the US version of Super Dimension Fortress Macross with lots of alterations.

Thus, if you only watched the OG Robotech, or if you’re a Macross fan itching to give the classic a rewatch, you’ll soon be able to do so on Disney+.

To give you a better idea of what it’s about, Macross is described as:

Macross sets up the fate of the human race in the wake of a massive alien spacecraft crashing into Earth, causing an all-out space war between the United Nations Government and an unknown extraterrestrial threat that takes humanity to the brink of extinction. Following the events of the war, the New UN Government begins an emigration plan to ensure the survival of the species. Shortly after, the first ultra-long-range fleet, Megaroad-01 leaves  Earth, marking the beginning of humanity’s expansion into space. The Macross series goes on to depict the lives and events of future generations, including their conflicts with alien lifeforms and the power of songs, resulting in award-winning soundtracks featured throughout the franchise.

For now, there’s no word yet on which of the Macross anime will be streamed on Disney+, thought it’s confirmed that most of the franchise’s anime catalog will be released throughout 2024.

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