Half of PlayStation players are still on PS4

When Sony held its financial earnings call, we heard the news of the PlayStation 5 selling 59 million units as of the end of the latest fiscal year. At the time of the PS5 lifecycle, it was on par with the PS4 when it sold 60 million units at the halfway point of its life. Sony knows they have more potential sales coming with half its player base still on the previous generation.

In the earnings report, Sony said PlayStation has 118 million monthly active users. That means half of them are on PlayStation 4 still. This was pointed out by Stephen Totilo on X.

playstation 4 users

This is what Sony president Hiroki Totoki said from the call:

“Cumulative [PS5] sales is 59 million units or plus. Compared to MAU, still, about half of the people are playing on PS4. So, console generation overlap will be handled well and MAU will steadily increase”

There is zero worry from Sony about the future of PlayStation 5 sales despite them not reaching its yearly goal of sales which was 25 million and then lower to 21 million, but fell short at 20.8 million sales.

In other news, PlayStation named two new CEOs, Hermen Hulst who will lead the Studio Business Group, and Hideaki Nishino, who will lead the Platform Business Group.

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