Hades 2 keepsakes: all options

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Hades 2 keepsakes: all options
Michael Jeong

The Hades 2 keepsakes system returns from the first game, granting unique passive modifiers for each run in this early access roguelite.

Although the game has yet to makes it full release, it has plenty of content. This includes the full suite of keepsakes, accompanying passive buffs, and unique art.

Hades 2 keepsakes: what are they and how to get them

A keepsake is an item that protagonist Melinoe can equip before she dives into the Underworld or, later, travels to the surface.

Each grants a unique passive that grants Melinoe a different buff while equipped. After each boss encounter, she gets the option to swap out a keepsake for a different one, exchanging buffs. Once unequipped, Melinoe can’t re-equip that keepsake for the rest of that run.

Melinoe can get a keepsake by gifting one of her allies Nectar. This item is the main method to advance Melinoe’s relationships with the rest of the heroes and gods who assist her.

The first time Melinoe gifts an ally Nectar, they will return the gift by giving her their keepsake. After that, it will be available to equip.

Each keepsake has three levels, and starts at level one. Clearing a certain number of combat encounters with the keepsake equipped will level it up. This progress is kept across runs and keepsakes, so Melinoe can swap them around without fear of losing progress.

Full list and effects

Hades 2 keepsakes

There are 26 keepsakes in the game, associated with Melinoe’s 26 allies. Their effects are:

  • Hecate’s Silver Wheel: After using mana, restore it for 3 seconds, up to a total of 1000/1500/2000 this night
  • Odysseus’ Knuckle Bones: The next Guardian loses 5/10/15% health. You take 15% less damage form Guardians
  • Schelemeus’ Lucky Tooth: After you fall to zero health, restore 51/76/101 health once this night
  • Dora’s Ghost Onion: Whenever you exit a location, fully restore your health, up to a total of 50/75/100 this night
  • Nemesis’ Evil Eye: Deal 20/25/30% additional damage to the last foe who vanquished you
  • Moros’ Engraved Pin: After you fall to zero health, become impervious for 10 seconds. Afterwards, if no foes remain, restore 30/45/60 health
  • Eris’ Discordant Bell: After each encounter, you deal 0.5/1/1.5% additional damage, but also take that much more
  • Charon’s Gold Purse: Gain 100/125/150 gold once this night
  • Hermes’ Metallic Droplet: You move, strike and channel 20% faster for the next 200/300/400 seconds
  • Artemis’ White Antler: While you have no more than 30 health, you have 20/30/40% chance to deal critical damage
  • Selene’s Moon Beam: You gain 3/4/5 additional Hex upgrades from the next Path of Stars you find
  • Heracles’ Lion Fang: Deal 30/40/50% bonus damage, but lose 5% of this after each encounter
  • Medea’s Blackened Fleece: After you take 250 damage, your Omega moves deal 20/30/40% more damage
  • Circe’s Crystal Figurine: After the next Guardian, activate one random Level 1/2/3 Arcana card
  • Arachne’s Silken Sash: Gain 20 armor. While you have at least 1 armor, gain 2/3/4 armor after each location
  • Narcissus’ Aromatic Phial: Fountains restore an extra 20% health. The next fountain makes one random Common Boon of yours Rare/Epic/Heroic
  • Echo’s Concave Stone: After choosing a Boon, 25/50/75% of the time randomly take one more, once this night
  • Icarus’ Experimental Hammer: Gain one random Daedalus Hammer enchantment that lasts for 10/15/20 encounters
  • Primordial Chaos’ Transcendent Embryo: Gain a random Common/Rare/Epic Chaos blessing once this night. Every eight encounters, replace it

In addition, the other Olympian keepsakes (Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, and Hestia) have the same effect: that Olympian’s Boons become more likely, and once per night you can upgrade one of their Boons one level up to Rare/Epic/Heroic.

Note that the exact details can and will likely change as Hades 2 continues its development and updates.

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