Free Fire announces its 7th anniversary celebration event

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Garena recently announced that Free Fire is holding a special event to celebrate the game’s 7th anniversary which begins on June 27.

Specifically, this 7th-anniversary event will last for two and a half weeks, and it will feature a bunch of activities alongside exclusive rewards. Plus, Garena is also marking the major milestone with a special documentary.

During the event, Survivors entering the Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad (CS) modes will be greeted by the anniversary-themed floating island called Mini Peak.

In BR Mode, players can redeem in-match rewards by interacting with one another’s silhouettes. Players can also use Memory Portals across the map to teleport to Mini Peak. Basically, this floating island is a small version of the old Bermuda Peak, and it features special gift boxes that players can break to earn Memory Points. These points are also awarded by elminating enemies.

Players can then use their Glier to enter the Hall of Honor where they can use their Memory Points to grab Nostalgic Weapons. As their name implies, these are buffed versions of classic weapons that include the Nostalgic MP40, Nostalgic M1887, and Nostalgic Vector.

The Mini Peak will also be a location in the CS mode, though instead of getting there through Memory Portals, players can instead get teleported there in random rounds. In these rounds, players can get Nostalgic Weapons by interacting with the 7th anniversary Supply Gadgets.

There, players can also get random loot in special gift boxes, along with the “Booyah” ceremony for winning squads in CS mode.

Aside from Mini Peak, the event also features rewards such as the anniversary-themed male bundle with special effects, themed baseball bat, and Magic Cube. There will also be a Gloo Wall Relay where select players will get the special Gloo Wall.

Outside the game, Garena will also launch a themed animation on June 27 that celebrates the game. Plus, players can also stream the theme song, “Feeling The Fire”, on Spotify and YouTube as part of the celebration.

Finally, a new patch update for the game will featurea new first-person perspective mode in Clash Squad which comes with faster movement and smoother shooting. There will also be a fast-paced mini BR game with 11 other players in the ‘Old Peak’ gameplay mode. Then, there’s the ‘Zombie Graveyard’ which is a relaunch of the popular ‘Zombie Uprising’ mode.

Free Fire is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play store.

In related news, Kadokawa and Garena has teamed up for a Free Fire anime adaptation.

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