Fans swarm Hi-Fi Rush with positive reviews on Steam

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Since Microsoft closed Tango Gameworks there has been an outrage online regarding the decision to close a talented studio that just released Hi-Fi Rush last year. Xbox still has not responded regarding its decision to close multiple studios, but in the meantime, fans are swarming Hi-Fi Rush with overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

With over 22K reviews on Steam, 97% of those are positive reviews. This is the reverse of what players were doing to Helldivers 2 last week regarding a decision Sony made to have players link a PSN account to play on PC.

Some of the reviews for Hi-Fi Rush aren’t necessarily about the game as it’s more about feeling sad for Tango Gameworks.

Before being shut down, Tango Gameworks planned to pitch Hi-Fi Rush 2 after the success of the first title. The only issue we could see that caused this was the Xbox Game Pass service that didn’t guarantee full-price sales for the new IP.

Microsoft made less sense in an internal statement to its studios saying “we need smaller games that give us prestige and awards”. Ironically, that is what Tango provided with Hi-Fi.

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