Everything Revealed During 2024's Devolver Direct (Plus One)

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Well, the latest Devolver Direct occurred last night, having taken the form of a 15th birthday party for their ever-popular mascot, Volvy (and by extension, the 15th anniversary of Devolver Digital itself). And indeed, it was a rather exciting party, one that basically left this writer blacked out (though that may have been exhaustion from a whole weekend of announcements, or from crafting a whole list of the publisher’s best games), and with it came a whole slew of announcements for all of your favorite Devolver games, plus some new ones as well. You can watch the whole presentation at the link here, but if you want something quicker, let’s recap just exactly what we saw at Devolver’s big birthday bonanza. Actually, first, let’s back up a bit to Devolver’s first announcement earlier that day…

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