Enotria: The Last Song's Eternal Play Deserves Applause

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Readers, this writer will be up front with you: I dreaded that Enotria: The Last Song would be the type of game that I would definitely love to watch and admire, but hate to play. In this case, it’s third-person soulslike games. I just never tend to be all that good at them, and yes, that weirdly only seems to apply to this particular breed of soulslike. Give it a Zelda-ish isometric angle and everything’s hunky dory, but the moment such a game veers closer to resembling the genre namer, suddenly my skills seem to drop. Not sure why, but as I still enjoyed Lies of P quite a bit despite it handing my behind to me on a silver platter, I figured that another such game built around Italian folklore would still be quite a treat, and maybe, just maybe, things would be different this time around when it came to the difficulty.

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