Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Has No Achievements

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Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Has No Achievements
Samuel Brickell

Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree Has no achievements or trophies to earn!

The latest Fromsoft DLC for Elden Ring has no gamer trophies for you to get that sweet gamerscore.

But is that an issue, and is that really why you play games?

The Shadow of the Erdtree Has No Achievements

The latest highly anticipated DLC for Elden Ring came out just yesterday. Although it has only been out for a day, many have played and even finished a large DLC map, which is highly possible. But did you notice something during your playthrough?

That’s right, the open-world magnum opus that is Elden Ring has DLC with no trophys and is being charged 50 dollars. And that’s fine.

Fromsoft’s new DLC for the game adds a whole bunch of new content. The developers have boasted that the DLC adds a bunch of new bosses, weapons, items, and more than 100 hours of gameplay!

But so far, Howlongtobeat shows us the average finish time is around 40 or more. Although thats no compliment from me, solid bang for buck time there.

However, some gamers have noticed that an achievement popup is lacking upon killing legacy bosses. The base game has a fair few achievements, marking bosses and endings. While this DLC has the same amount of time and length,.

The overall reaction to this has been a resounding meh. Some gamers are a little disappointed to not see them in love; others do not care. Also, keep in mind that this is how the last DLC went for their other titles.

Apart from Bloodborne, none of the other games in the in the DLC had achievements attached. Not even the remake of both Dark Souls included them. So, if anything, this is more in line with their history.

But for some gamers, this has been quite the blow, especially on the Steam platform and Playstation. Which I kind of understand.

Mah Im achievement Hunting Right Now

There are certain types of gamers and certain types of games. Some people want to zone out to Fortnite all day, while others die repeatedly to one AI over and over again.

But the completionist is another beast. One that I even find myself understanding from time to time. This creature believes that man is judged by his achievements both in life and in games. He had already caught all the Pokemon on each gameboy cartridge and now plays Fomsoft games.

I have to admit, there is a certain rush of dopamine that hits my system when I hear and see that pop-up notification. Even older games have that now, thanks to Retropie. I even have the Dark Souls 100% achieve myself just to dab on anyone who thinks I’m bad at it.

But if that trophy didn’t exist, I think I would have enjoyed the game the same. It is nice having the achievements give you some idea of a goal, and it is cool to show off to all your nonexistent gaming pals. But like any game save file, it is superior to the actual experience. The Shadow of Erdtree has no achievements, and honestly, I’m fine with that.

When playing through Sekiro, I had no achievements, given the lack of internet and the platform. And yet that game still leaves me the most fulfilled in Fromsoft’s library. Here’s a trick for those who use trophies to prove they beat a boss. Just take a screencap with your phone!

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