Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: All Map Fragments and their locations

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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree features a large new map with five Map Fragments. Yes, that makes it much bigger than Limgrave which is unlike what Hidetaka Miyazaki claimed. This is great news for players though as the DLC is way bigger than most would have expected.

Given how big it is, there are five Map Fragments to collect to complete your map and make navigating the Realm of Shadow easier. While these fragments are marked on the map, getting to some of them isn’t as straightforward as expected. As such, here’s a quick guide on all the five Map Fragments in Shadow of the Erdtree, including how to get to their location and where to specifically find them.

Gravesite Plain

The first Map Fragment is for the Gravesite Plain, and it doesn’t really need a guide as it’s likely the first thing that players will see. After all, the fragment is located on a stele (or stone monument) near the first Site of Grace that you’ll see. It is also located in front of the first ruins that players will see as they arrive in the Realm of Shadow.

Scadu Altus

Next is the Scadu Altus Map Fragment. The typical way that players will reach this area is by defeating Rellana the Twin Moon Knight in Castle Ensis. The first Site of Grace after the boss room is where Leda is located.

Directly ahead of that first Site of Grace is an enemy camp that blocks the path to the Shadow Keep. Right near the entrance of the camp is the stele which has the second Map Fragment.

Southern Shore

Next is the Southern Shore Map Fragment which includes a big chunk of the map. Getting here isn’t obvious at first, but some players will no doubt stumble upon it as they explore the Realm of Shadow.

If you need help though, you should start at the Castle Front Site of Grace. This is the grace right after the Greatbridge leading into Castle Ensis.

Facing the castle from this Site of Grace, go to the right and make sure to go down the lower path with barricades. Here, you’ll also see enemies fighting each other. Instead of going near them, take the path that goes down more. Here’s what the path looks like:

By following the path, you’ll come across a poison swamp (this is a FromSoftware game after all). Continue following the swamp until you see a path that goes down even more. There’s another path here on a ledge that leads to a spiritspring, though to get to the Southern Shore, you need to go down.

As you go down, you’ll see a cave. Enter it until you see the Site of Grace below:

Directly ahead of the grace is the cave’s exit. You should turn left until you see a waterfall. You’ll notice that there are pillars here you can jump on atop Torrent. Follow this path down until you reach a field with a Furnace Golem. You don’t have to fight it as you can just ride past him and go to the right to another forested area.

You’ll soon emerge from the forest and into the Cerulean Coast. From here, go straight heading south, though there will be a powerful Ghostflame Dragon which you can avoid by hugging the left or right sides of the path below:

You’ll soon see this stele with the Southern Shore Map Fragment:

This fragment will make your travels to this area easier which is great as this location features areas that are important for specific side quests.

Rauh Ruins

Next is the Rauh Ruins. While most of this area is high up and is accessible through a path from the Shadow Keep, the Map Fragment is on the lower part of it.

Starting from the Scadu Altus, go to the part of the map above, north of the Moorth Ruins. You should see this cave here:

Enter it and follow the path, and you’ll soon emerge in another poison swamp. Keep following the poison swamp path down.

Soon, you’ll emerge at the base of the Rauh Ruins. From here, go to the left path with the pillars, though keep in mind there are golems here.

After running past or defeating the golems, continue following the path, and you’ll soon see the stele below with the map fragment:

This is rather easy to miss, and it’s important to get if you want to make your navigation of the main ruins easier.

Abyssal Woods

Perhaps the hardest area to get to is the Abyssal Woods as it’s quite well-hidden. To get to the area and the last of the Shadow of the Erdtree Map Fragments, start from the Shadow Keep’s main entrance where you fought the Golden Hippopotamus.

Proceed through this part of the map until you reach the ramparts connecting to the Specimen Storehouse, though instead of going inside, look for the ladder on the right side facing the storehouse building. Go down there and go inside the waterfall. You’ll soon see another ladder.

Going down this other ladder, you’ll then find yourself in a room with a painting. On the right is an illusory wall with a hidden path.

Go down the path and rest in the coffin.

You’ll soon emerge into the Ruins of Unte. Go to the right and you’ll see a path down through a series of waterfalls. It’s a long path but simply follow it down atop Torrent.

At the bottom, you’ll come across the Darklight Catacombs. This is a lengthy dungeon that you must go through in order to reach the Abyssal Woods.

At the end, you’ll be greeted with a boss, and then you’ll find yourself in a creepy forest. From the first Site of Grace, go south and follow the path. There will be an enemy here and some frenzied rats, but nothing too difficult despite how oppressive the area seems.

Soon, you’ll reach the Abandoned Church. The final Map Fragment should be there.

With that, you should now have completed the entire Realm of Shadow map!

Shadow of the Erdtree is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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