Diablo IV is available now on Xbox Game Pass

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Great news for Game Pass subscribers.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

It has been ten months since the game’s launch, and for those who haven’t played it yet, here’s some good news – Diablo IV is finally available now on Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox consoles and PC.

For Xbox consoles, downloading the game should be simple as all games (whether standalone purchases or through Game Pass) must be downloaded through the console’s digital store.

On PC, it’s not as straightforward as Diablo IV is available only through Battle.net and not natively through the Xbox App.

So, here are the steps to download and play the game on PC (via Xbox Wire):

  • Open the Xbox App on PC and make sure you are signed in with your Microsoft account tied to your Game Pass membership. Then click on Diablo IV and then the Install button.
  • Click “Install Battle.net” when prompted and complete the installation. (If you already have Battle.net installed, you’ll skip to the next step automatically)
  • You’ll be prompted to connect your Battle.net account to your Microsoft account. If you already have a Battle.net account you can log in to complete the connection, or from here you can create a Battle.net account to make the connection.
  • Once you have downloaded Battle.net and connected your accounts, you can complete the installation of Diablo IV

What’s great about its Game Pass availability is that there is no catch, meaning players can enjoy the full game, as well as the various seasonal updates.

With Diablo IV now being available on Xbox Game Pass, getting a subscription should be even more tempting for players on consoles and PC. After all, there is a lot of anticipation from fans regarding the upcoming expansion.

As revealed a few months ago, Diablo IV is getting the Vessel of Hatred expansion later this year. This likely won’t be released instantly on Game Pass, but having the game available there might just tempt those on the fence to get this expansion when it launches.

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