Check out the new TechLife 360° Bluetooth Speaker

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After its grand relaunch, TechLife brings us yet another nifty device which shifts towards the musical variety, the TechLife 360° Bluetooth Speaker. Music provides the soundtrack to everyone’s daily lives. Day-to-day tasks like work, household chores, or simply relaxing outdoors become even more pleasant with the right song or playlist.

The TechLife 360° Bluetooth Speaker can make the mundane more memorable with its immersive sound experience and audio features. What’s more is you can connect two of these audio devices at the same time to create a more expansive stereo effect. This feature gives an immersive sound experience with no disruptive feedback.

It’s worth noting that this device is quite portable, so it’s easy to carry around and place on a kitchen counter or table. Its IPX7 Water Resistance protects the speaker from splashes or spills. Its six-hour battery life will still have enough power to play music even after a long day. When power runs low, charging the device takes only 100 to 120 minutes.

 TechLife 360° Bluetooth Speaker


Its 360° Surround Sound brings audio to all directions, even during huge gatherings. The portable design makes it a handy speaker for any kind of party, whether the gathering is indoors, in the garden, or by the pool. Hosts can easily control the speaker with its 10-meter Bluetooth range.

 TechLife 360° Bluetooth Speaker

It’s easy to integrate the immersive sound experience of the TechLife 360° Bluetooth Speaker into any daily routine. Those seeking to amplify their everyday activities with unparalleled audio excellence will find that the speaker enhances and boosts every moment. Finding the right track and blasting it at full volume does wonders in setting the mood.

Interested customers may get their own TechLife 360° Bluetooth Speaker for just P599 at the TechLife Shopee store and TechLife Lazada store . Follow the official Facebook page for updates on TechLife announcements and promos.

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