Automation Game Foundry Manufactures its Early Access Release

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One of the major rules of automation is “The factory must grow”, like it’s some kind of gluttonous beast whose hunger can never be satisfied. That’s kind of true but not really; the factory is only as hungry as the player. If you want to set up each type of ore and resource using one miner, putting out one belt of the item to feed a single smelter or product refiner apiece and have everything come from there, that’s perfectly fine. Granted, that means playtime will be in the tens of thousands of hours, but the real problem is that it doesn’t look anywhere near as impressive as thousands of machines all working in unison. The factory must grow because it’s just so much cooler that way, and that’s as true for the giants of automation like Factorio as it is for the newest one finally released today, Foundry.

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