ASUS Director of Technical Marketing talks new laptops, AI, and gaming

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As COMPUTEX 2024 day 1 kicked off, we got a chance to sit down with ASUS Director of Technical Marketing for PCs and laptops, Sascha Krohn. With a slew of new devices being showcased during the huge 4-day event, there was quite a bit to discuss–especially with the surge of AI-powered devices being introduced as of late.

With a whole lineup of new ProArt devices, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered ProArt PZ13, the main idea was to cater to artists and creators on the go. With a focus on portability, compactness,  and battery life without compromising on specs–namely, their beautiful OLED displays. Now, sporting IP52 water resistance, users can be more at ease, regardless of the weather.

When asked about the prominence of AI in technology nowadays, and challenge of convincing consumers to consider products powered by such, Sascha shares his thoughts. “As a company, when you come up with a new feature or technology, you always have this idea that people are gonna go with it, but you’ll never really know,” he said.

Once you bring it into the market, that’s when you see what people do with it,” he added. He recalls when they introduced the AnimeMatrix lighting fearture in previous ROG laptops, they assumed they’d use it for personalized text and notifications–but instead used it for memes. He clarified that this is a great thing. “It’s not a worse way of using it, it’s a different way of using it,” he said.”

He says the same when it comes to AI, as he believes that people might not know how people will be using it right now, but people will always find a way to utilize these functions. “Some little things might be overlooked, but might actually be useful, and I think people will appreciate those things,”

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t ask Sascha about gaming, given the subject of the panel interview. We were happy to know that the man is indeed, a cultured individual who’s sunk “way too many” hours on Deep Rock Galactic. “A lot of people don’t know about the game, but everybody knows about the new game that came out, that’s very similar–Helldivers 2,” Sascha said, citing the similarities in the gameplay.

When asked about which game he’s looking forward to playing next, he had a short, but sweet answer. “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.”

If you’d like to know more about the new lineup of ASUS and ASUS ROG products, make sure to check out their official social media pages.

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