A New Hogwarts Legacy Update Might Be Coming in July 2024

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Rumors suggest that a new Hogwarts Legacy update might be coming in Fall 2024.

A New Hogwarts Legacy Update Might Be Coming in July 2024

Hogwarts Legacy has been a huge success since it came out in early 2023. It’s had several updates already, with the latest one being a big one that came out on June 6th. Some fans thought this might be the last update because Hogwarts Legacy isn’t meant to be a game that keeps getting updates for years. Plus, there are rumors that the game developers are already working on the sequel, Hogwarts Legacy 2, adding to the belief that they might be moving on from this game.

However, the gaming world is buzzing with rumors about a possible new update. People started talking when they noticed a small change in the game’s Steam page, hinting that an update might be coming this fall.

New Hogwarts Legacy Update Hint from Steam Changes

The rumor about the Hogwarts Legacy update started when a change was noticed in the game’s Steam repository. A new development branch, intriguingly named “fall24_development,” was created on June 3, which suggested that the developers at Avalanche Software might be working on an update planned for fall 2024.

However, this branch was removed four days later and replaced by another one named “branch_development,” but by then, speculation about a potential update had already begun among the gaming community.

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What to Expect from the new Hogwarts Legacy update?

While the specifics of the update are not yet known, fans are eagerly theorizing about its possible features based on the game’s previous updates.

The last update, released on June 6, introduced several improvements and new features to the game. If the pattern continues, the fall update could bring additional enhancements and possibly new content.

There’s also speculation about a Director’s Cut of Hogwarts Legacy, which could introduce new gameplay elements, quests, cosmetic items, and compatibility improvements. However, it remains unclear whether this rumored fall update is related to the Director’s Cut.

There’s also talk within Avalanche Software about adding a New Game Plus mode, which adds to the excitement and speculation.

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Well, the news about the fall update for Hogwarts Legacy has gotten everyone curious. People loved the summer update, so it’s exciting to think about what the fall one might bring. Maybe there will be new quests, things to customize, or new places to explore. We’ll have to wait and see.

One thing is certain: Hogwarts Legacy is still going strong. With each update, players get more ways to enjoy the magic of the Wizarding World.

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