I spend a solid half-hour talking about how much I love the Imperial Knights kit, and the strange journey my Queen Bee project took to hit the tabletop (and maybe even your phone or tablet).

  • Great episode! Nice to hear some insight into the build. I really appreciate your attention to detail, not settling on the main gun magnetization.

    • Thanks again! I hope I don’t come across as disparaging, because frankly I’ve told people not to bother with this particular magnetization project… It’s a LOT of work and only the most purist of purists would really notice.

      • He he, no worries. I really like such small details. It is my favorite aspect of the hobby!

        • Me too, of course! The devil’s in the details, and so are really cool 40K models.

  • Well, you know. You made such a balls-up-mess with Queen Bee. You should probably spend half an hour apologising to us!
    It remains one of my favourite things ever, the Queen Bee, that is. Well done.

    • Ha! Thanks, buddy! She’s one of my favorite things as well, but clearly I’m biased.

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