Meet some friends of the show.

Listen in as Josh and Jason join me to talk about our trip to Adepticon 2017! We focus on our experiences as first-time convention attendees, with some advice for people who’ve never made the trip themselves.

This series is special, so I’ll release a new episode every day for four days. Enjoy!

Take a look at these pics to get some context.

  • It is a very different experience if you are outside the con hotel. Everything is then dependent on you carrying around everything you need for the day. It drags, and is draining. I highly highly highly recommend always getting the con hotel. (You don’t really save much outside of it anyway, due to the con discount). The first year I was in a hotel nearby, and it was miserable having to constantly lug things around, and a huge ordeal to take a nap (vs just going upstairs).

    • That was exactly my suspicion! Thanks for the confirmation, and thanks for hanging out with us!

      • Also you can pack nuts and an apple pretty easily. I usually take at least one meal with me. Also a subway nearby that you can stock up on subs. 🙂

        • Good call on the snack items. That would have helped a lot.

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