14 – 8th Edition as cinema

A different take on 8th Edition Warhammer 40K. There’s a lot of coverage about the ‘new Warhammer 40K’ and I wanted to share how I think about it. I like to think the updates and... Read More

13 – Shadow War and 8th Edition

Shadow War Armageddon might be the perfect funhammer game. If you think I’m talking smack, maybe you didn’t play Necromunda back in the day. Take a listen to this shorter-than-usual episode and see why I... Read More

12 – Thoughts on the Gathering Storm

An overview from a hobby perspective. This week, I tackle the three books in the Gathering Storm trilogy. The plot, the models, and a look at what they might mean for the future of 40K.... Read More

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Adepticon 2017 photo dump

Adepticon 2017 Photos. To go along with our AdeptiConversation series, here are all the pics we took at Adepticon 2017, loosely organized. Some of them are a bit blurry and whatever, but nobody said we…

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As long as it’s not too much work, I’d like to publish episodes in as many places as possible. I expect most folks will want to subscribe and listen with apps like iTunes (and the…

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